In Construction: Tribeca Loft Stone Fabrication

We’re lucky to feature some exceptional stonework in the Tribeca Loft project.  All stone for the project comes from a single block of vein-cut Pele de Tigre marble, sourced and fabricated in Cartaxo, Portugal by Quarry Collection GBI and shipped to New York.

In Construction: Tygershark Restaurant

We’ve begun work on a new restaurant located in the Prospect Heights Historic District in Brooklyn!  The project will transform a storefront space that has remained untouched and unused for over a decade.

In Construction: Gramercy Townhouse Structural Work

Installation of a new steel moment frame and reinforced concrete grade beam is almost complete at our townhouse renovation!  The new structural elements will allow for a full width opening with three sets of steel framed doors leading out to the rear garden.

Swis.Loc in Basel

Swis.Loc is onto our next adventure with R & Company in Basel, Switzerland!

Swis.Loc in Cape Town

Swis.Loc is enthused to be in Cape Town, South Africa, helping R & Company with the build and installation of their booth at the Guild Design Fair.

Greetings from Miami Beach!

Swis.Loc is in Miami for Art Basel and Design Miami!  Before the fairs start, we’re helping R & Company set up their booth we designed to display the works of Joaquim Tenreiro, Hugo Franca, Jeff Zimmerman, David Wiseman, The Haas Brothers, and Renate Muller, whose leather and jute toys are seen above.

In Construction: Catskills Pondhouse Acrylic Panels

Installation of the white translucent acrylic panels has begun and the effect has been really stunning!  We can’t wait to see the interior complete on a beautiful sunny day—or at night when the interior flood lights will create a soft glow over the adjacent deck area.  Click through for images of the installed slide and fold doors!