On the Boards: BOFFO Michael Bastian Proposal

Swis.Loc recently submitted our entry for this year’s BOFFO Building Fashion competition and we’re happy to share the results!  The competition pairs architects with emerging fashion designers to create a temporary retail space that represents the brand’s first translation into an architectural space.

In Construction: Mecox Guest House Garden Soil

With the garden paths pulled out for replacement, its easy to see how much effort has gone into the garden over the past 30 years.  At bottom, the sandy soil typical for the area.  Above, the rich top soil that has resulted from many years of cultivation without any outside soil or fertilizers.

Construction Progress On The Catskills Pond House!

We are excited to share the construction progress on the Catskills Pond House. The exterior shell was recently completed and awaits exterior finishing and interior installation. Working with John Whritner of Whritner Builders has been wonderful and we are very happy with the work completed so far! Look out for more progress coming early next spring; we are anxiously awaiting the completion of the this exciting project!

Congratulations to HOK and Harlem Hospital!

The New York Times recently featured progress of the new patient pavilion at Harlem Hospital. While at HOK, George worked on the concept development team and we couldn’t be more excited to see the design nearing completion. The design called for the preservation and display of murals commissioned by the WPA in the 1930’s. The gallery displaying the murals will be at street level and open to the public, spurring an engagement with the community rarely achieved by healthcare projects. Images from the murals have been printed with ceramic ink and baked into the glass of the building’s five story facade, reinforcing the hospital’s role as a public institution with longstanding ties to the Harlem community.

Schematic Design of Catskills Pond House

We’ve started schematic design on a contemporary pond house located on the picturesque property of the House in the Catskills. Envisioned as a seasonal-use structure, the proposed Pond House has a permeable assembly of pine-tar stained cedar, which, through large operable panels on the south and east faces, can be fully opened to provide a sheltered, outdoor experience. By contrast, we’ve proposed a very light interior palette of back-lit white acrylic and Moroccan tile. Programmatically, the Pond House will host a small wetbar with adjacent lounge seating fronting a wood-burning stove for spring and fall. At the far end, space for dining and relaxation will be accommodated. While not in use recreationally, it will also serve to store kayaks and other equipment. Please stay tuned for further developments on this exciting project to be completed fall of 2012!

East End Avenue Apartment Tile Progress

Tile work in the Kid’s Bathroom is close to completion.  The room features a vanity wall with tile from Heath Ceramics’ new line for DWELL set against a warm grey field tile.  The Master Bathroom stone tile also nears completion. Walls have received 16” x 16” Athens Silver Cream tiles by Ann Sacks set in a staggered bond pattern.  Renderings showing the finished look of both bathrooms can be found on the East End Avenue Apartment project page.

Meadowlark House Construction Progress

Designed while George Switzer was at Steven Learner Studio, Meadowlark House was the winning submission in an international competition for an affordable, sustainable house in the tornado-ravaged city of Greensburg, Kansas.  The house is currently under construction and the non-profit building it, Greensburg Greentown, is doing a fantastic job documenting its progress.  Find the archive of their coverage at http://www.greensburggreentown.org/home/category/meadowlark-house.  More about the project can be found at Meadowlark House.

Image courtesy of Greensburg GreenTown.

Arrigoni Woods at East End Ave. Apartment

We are very excited to be working with Arrigoni Woods on the East End Ave. project.  Based in Vail, Colorado with a showroom on LaGuardia Place in New York City, they offer unique pre-finished and custom engineered and solid wood flooring with a wide range of hand-distressed finishes.  With the client, we’ve settled on an engineered wide plank floor with a custom grey finish, developed by Tom and Renata in the New York showroom.  Throughout the process Tom and Renata could not have been more helpful and patient in fine tuning the samples to suit this project’s requirements.  We highly recommend stopping by and taking a look first-hand!