Wood Flooring Investigations

Swis.Loc Architecture has recently been spending some time testing some new floor finishing techniques.  Discouraged by the the typical wood flooring choices, and in reaction to the prohibitively high cost of custom, boutique, pre-finished flooring, we’ve been researching modern takes on more traditional natural oil floor finishes to develop a set of specifications for use in mid-range residential and commercial construction.  Well-buffed natural oil produces a silky, matte finish which wears in with age, can be re-applied in isolated locations, and has no volatile organic compounds.

East End Avenue Apartment Construction Progress

Construction is moving along quickly uptown at the East End Avenue Apartment as we approach nearly 50% completion.  As always, it is a very exciting stage of construction when the walls start to be closed in and the designed space begins to take shape.  We are very happy with the progress and anxiously looking forward to moving on to the finishes.  We’ve attempted to make inclusive use of three dimensional computer modeling in design development for this job (rather than solely for client presentations) and it is wonderful to see the space taking on the characteristics represented in the model.  We hope this continues through the finish stages!  More photos after the jump.

Welcome To swisloc.com!

Announcing the re-launch of swisloc.com!  It’s been a long time coming; we are excited to share this with everyone and want to thank Joshua Stewart of Workshop for making it happen!