In Construction: Tribeca Loft Stone Fabrication

We’re lucky to feature some exceptional stonework in the Tribeca Loft project.  All stone for the project comes from a single block of vein-cut Pele de Tigre marble, sourced and fabricated in Cartaxo, Portugal by Quarry Collection GBI and shipped to New York.

Stone slabs laid out in Portugal

We took full advantage of the block: book-matching and diamond-matching large expanses of stone, such as the full slab walls and floors in the Master Bath wet room and Kitchen backsplash; utilizing extra thick slabs for Kitchen counters; and, perhaps most stunning, creating a hand-carved sink and vanity top out of a single block of marble.

Vein-cutting the block yielded exceedingly straight, thin black veins, which, paired with the various forms of matching, have resulted in a strong graphic look that contrasts with the pale european, white oak floors used throughout the loft.