Meadowlark House

The winning submission in an international competition for an affordable, sustainable house in the tornado-ravaged city of Greensburg, Kansas, Meadowlark House is a single family home prototype that uses proven green-building techniques to provide an ecologically responsible home at a cost comparable to standard construction.

The design provides spacious, open living areas while allowing for discrete circulation to the house’s three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The upturned roof form is ideal for the passive and active solar heating systems and lends the living spaces an airy, voluminous feel with a strong connection to the outdoor living spaces toward the rear of the property.

Currently under construction, Meadowlark’s progress can be monitored at  The house will seek LEED Platinum certification and be built to Passive House US standards that cut energy consumption by 90%.  The house will also be the first in North America to use a 100% biodegradable wood block wall system developed by Germany-based HIB Systems.

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Project by Steven Learner Studio; George Switzer, Project Architect

Photography courtesy Steven Lerner Studio