R and Company Design Miami/ 2014

An extra large booth was secured to accommodate four limited edition, hand knotted rugs by The Haas Brothers and David Wiseman.  The booth was organized around a central sight line extending the length of the booth and terminating upon a Haas Brothers rug mounted at the far wall.  The rug’s twelve-foot diameter was echoed in felt carpet sitting below a Joaquim Tenreiro dining table, suggesting a pairing of the two and reinforcing the circular form of the table.  The Tenreiro table, along with a Jeff Zimmerman Snow Crystal illuminated sculpture, anchored the open corner of the booth, while vintage pieces from Lina Bo Bardi, Greta Grossman, and Tenreiro and Italian Radical design flank the primary sight line. 

Further into the booth, custom walls provided a prominent surface for one of David Wiseman’s rugs, whose monumental scale was paired with two of his largest bronze vases to date — one latticed, the other faceted.  The custom walls also provided a means to shift scale and focus to smaller items in an ‘objects room’ located at the center of the booth, featuring work by Thaddeus Wolfe and others.

Photography courtesy of Joe Kramm