R and Company Guild Design Fair

Selected to represent American design at the inaugural Guild Design Fair in Cape Town, South Africa, R and Company wanted to highlight the role of the studio for the artists and designers they represent.  All of R’s artists and designers hand craft their pieces and the process often starts with small objects and grows from there.  The design created a core or heart to the booth, where artists’ small objects were exhibited collectively.  The works of R’s established artists huddle around their newest artist, Thaddeus Wolfe, with examples of both his assemblages and assemblage lamps at the core’s center. 

An inherent challenge to the booth, which was open on three sides with a fourth facing windows along the main entry to the fair, was how to create wall space for the objects to reside and register against, while retaining a sense of the booth as a whole and maintaining visibility from one part to another.  The booth had to be open and porous yet closed as well.  We arrived at the use cyclorama-like forms, using scrim on the inner walls and solid outer walls with strategic openings for access and framing views.  The angles of the walls created ample space for objects to reside on both the interior and exterior of the booth while creating a fluid, loose definition of space that allowed visitors to flow from space to space, perusing the works on display.

Photography by: Guild Design Fair